Methods incubators

Machine or incubator refers to a device that can create a situation similar to that of a mother bird instinctively closer to turning the eggs have to chicken, the absence of any hatching eggs have placed it at a certain time depending on type bird chicks will become These include

adequate and uniform temperature-

adequate moisture and uniform-

Rotate eggs to prevent sticking to the shell-


.After each device or incubator for hatching eggs must convert the above conditions are met

::: Supply and adjust the temperature in the incubator :::

Heat needed in the old incubator was funded in different ways, from burning biomass in machine incubator ancient Egyptians and ancient Chinese people to paraffin oil and alcohol and hot water and electricity in most devices today electrical power Incubation used as a source of heat

Temperature regulation is done by a variety of methods and tools, valves embedded in body temperature regulation method is the most basic tools of the old hatchery although the common methods is depending on the device was common and a electric thermostat capsule ethereal, key mercury A thermometer mercury contact, thermal switches electrical (mechanical thermostats) and …

Today, with the increasing development of science and technology electronic thermostats and sensors Yychydh hyper-sensitive circuits with precise temperature control up to 2 tenths of a degree, control the temperature in the incubator is very reliable cars and even to some extent the cost of making use of the thermostats of hatchery raised, but greatly reduces the risk of some kind of work with the thermostat powered devices easier for users.

:::Supply and set humidity in the incubator:::

If the water level in the form of a fixed and level it with a simple hygrometer to measure humidity can be required to more effectively monitor the process of incubation

By spraying water in the pump or the use of electronic circuitry to produce hot steam or fog or humidity instruments Ultrasonic instruments can be an effective way to provide needed moisture

::: Rotation :::

Another prerequisite for successful incubation of eggs at specified times is turning, naturally viewed breeder in order to prevent sticking to the shell and yolk inside the egg airbags, on average, every 35 minutes to turn the eggs out, on an industrial scale it every 1 hour for eggs and quail eggs once every 2 to 4 hours by electric motors or pneumatic jacks do push and rotate the eggs so common that given the small end of the egg travels down a the shoulder of thedone because of severe damage to the fetus moving and reduces the success rate in the hatchery. Although the rotation is done manually, but for various reasons, including health concerns and fluctuations in temperature and humidity is not recommended due to the open door


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